About Me

My name is Brian Timmons, and I love making things out of wood.  I've taken on some unusual requests in the last few years, and it seems like the stranger the task, the more fun I have.

One such odd request was from the fine folks at reddit inc.  They'd seen the Thor - inspired
hammer I made for a friend, and decided that they wanted me to create an official Ban Hammer for their offices.  The orange-red and periwinkle arrows are emblatic of the site, and its users who can decide whether to upvote or downvote content to determine what makes the coveted front page.

The Ban Hammer

They wanted two hammers, actually.  One for New York City and the other went to San Francisco.  I was instructed that they should be "epic and overblown".  I was happy to oblige.  

Nowadays I find myself focusing on more practical things.  As much as comically large props are, I really enjoy making practical things.  The wooden combs I make a big part of my philosophy.  They're beautiful to look at and admire because of the choice woods and craftsmanship, but first and foremost they are something that can be used every day.

I plan to expand my offerings beyond hair related items in the near future.  If you have an idea on something that you would like me to make, drop me a line!