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Premium Magnetic Bottle Opener - Checkerboard - Big T Woodworks
Big T Woodworks

Premium Magnetic Bottle Opener - Checkerboard

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Do you need a little more excitement and in your life? This device serves four purposes:

• Opens bottles and keeps the caps off the floor
Make friends green with envy (because everyone is going to want one)
• The. Best. Gift. EVER!!!

It's time to elevate your bottle opening to an art form.

Our bottle openers are all made by hand in our studio (backyard workshop). Because we love our craft each opener reflects the handmade quality instead of something that is made by a machine.

We start our process by hand selecting the best wood whether is exotic or domestic lumber. It is then cut to size and hand sanded with various grits to give the surface a soft and silky smooth finish. Then we apply danish oil to protect the wood from normal use. Each bottle opener is a stainless steel opener (Made in Atlanta, GA) to withstand the abuse of house parties, drinking games or a casual beer at home.

Now for the science (or mad science)!

We place rare earth magnets and epoxy them into a crevice on the back. This allows for each bottle opener to catch at least 50 bottle caps (new drinking game anyone?).

Our openers can be mounted on any metal surface that a magnet can stick too. (Sorry, no stainless steel fridges.. :-(….) Or you can unscrew the bottle opener and drill holes in your wall or outdoor patio, with the screws of your choice.

Each Bottle Opener measures approximately 10 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs a little over one pound.

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